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Great Talent

We at OPINIA360

Fun builds a certain esprit de corps. It breaks down the walls to allow more fluid collaboration. It keeps egos at bay and ideas flowing. So while we are very serious about the work we do, we try hard not to take ourselves too seriously.


You are not confined to what you do. Gain hands on experience in every department.


A startup usually has a lot of excitement. Working so closely with each other, all the emotions are collectively felt.


It is the experimenting lab. You keep creating and evolving. You fail multiple times. But with each you learn better.

Open Culture

Come wearing whatever and however, make sure you are here. As long as you are getting your work done, that is all that matters.


Best place to learn what works what doesn't and how to do it. Watch how decisions are made at the top and day-to-day business matters are handled.


Full day long hackathon and many other problem solving creative tasks to give you extra boost and refreshment.

Meet the Crew
Saumitra Depawat
Shekhar Nagar
Jaideep Chagger
Head of Operations
Aakash Kamboj
Product Design Lead
Purnima Ann Varghese
Content Developer
Tejashwi Kalp Taru
Full Stack Developer
Pranjal Batra
Full Stack Developer
Soumyadip Bhattacharyya
Android Developer
Aniruddha Bhattacharya
Full Process Designer
Abhishek Singh
Front End Developer
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